CyberSecurity – Neutralize threats from your corporate DropBox or Cloud File Sharing

Darktrace Technologies

The cloud has introduced a service-based model for managing digital programs. But diminished control doesn’t mean diminished responsibility when it comes to privacy and security.

Darktrace’s Cyber AI Platform offers a cloud-native security solution that protects workloads and services across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, as well as all major SaaS applications.

Darktrace interacts seamlessly with SaaS applications, allowing user interactions to be processed and monitored in real time, whether they originate inside the network or from remote locations.

Thanks to Darktrace’s Antigena product, it empowers business leaders to embrace digital transformation with the confidence that their security posture is resilient and any emerging threats can be quickly neutralized.

Darktrace Technologies

Darktrace is compatible with all major cloud providers  and SaaS applications including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, Gsuite, DropBox, SharePoint and Office 365.

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