How to prepare an interview

In the consulting world, there are multiple types of interviews : Business, HR, Technical, Team, when the Consultant meets a Client. During the following weeks, I’ll post return of experiences on the way to prepare an interview and the method I use to prepare my consultants and candidates.

The standard canvas of an interview are the followings :

  1. Presentation of meeting participants
  2. Presentation of the project/position [by the client]
  3. Presentation of the candidate’s relevant experiences
  4. Soft skills & technical skills questions
  5. Q&A (also from the candidate)
  6. Motivations of the candidate and closure of the meeting
  7. Post interview debriefing & motivations
  8. Decision & communication

I’ll focus my first article on the first part, the presentation of the candidate.

Regarding the 1st point – Presentation of the participants -, the candidate must have prepared a short presentation in 2-3 sentences to give the highlight overview of his competences, a.k.a an “Elevator Pitch”.

Regarding the 3rd Point,- Presentation of the candidate’s relevant experiences –, I’d like to highlight the word “Relevant”. Indeed, for senior people, all professional experiences are not relevant for the targeted position. Three main experiences would be sufficient but the Client might ask more information later on. The presentation of each experience should be limited to 5 minutes detailing a short context, mainly what you have done in this project and what were the achievements and lessons learnt. For technical profiles, using a set of relevant keywords in the targeted domain demonstrates an asset in the domain. Be careful, for each keyword, you should be able to give an example of the application during your experience.

Olivier Blerot, Director

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