How to write a job description ?

Writing a complete job description is not easy; even more when you do not advertise often.

Most of the job descriptions I receive, are talking about the hard skills needed, related to specific experiences.

However, to convince a candidate, you must display the exception of the job.

Indeed, a job description must be a selection AND a motivation for the applicant. This is why, we usually discuss with the manager of the job to understand what could stimulate the candidates and how to perform the better fit to the position.

The elements that must be present in a job description are:

  1. The environment and the working sphere (city center or park, R&D or Operations, Business or IT side, etc)
  2. The objective of the position (why is this position valuable for the company ?)
  3. The required technical competences and the optional ones (a rating is appreciated); be realistic in your expectations …
  4. The evolution possibilities and the development of the competences (what you can learn? how you can grow?); be honest to retain talent
  5. The soft skills required, related to the level of contact and hierarchy of the position
  6. The salary range or the global package with flexibility options (remote working, holidays, extra access, etc)
  7. The selection process and duration (of interview and delay before a decision)
  8. Optionally, the preparation requested or advised before the interview; tell what you expect from this meeting
  9. Some company related articles or complementary information links; share with your candidate

Take the time required to perform this job description, you will save time during the pre-selection and the interviews.

I wish you have more questions or interest. Do not hesitate to contact me via the contact form. I’d be pleased to complete my articles, to assist you and other followers.

Olivier Blerot, Director

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