Study Leader for Embedded Application

Mission: Within the Terminals division, you will be part of a team working on the global architecture of the solutions working on our POS (Point Of Services) for different countries, and on the studies related to it. You are willing to develop and willing to lead studies, to make architectures.

As Architect you are responsible for defining the architecture and services of the solutions running on our POS terminals. You will define the main application components of the solutions, their roles and responsibilities and how they interact between each other. You will also participate to the documentation of the architecture.

As Study Leader you are responsible for analysing the business requests, defining the solution together with the application development teams, gathering the information and estimation from the development teams, summarizing and presenting the results of the study for defining the solutions You will cooperate with development teams consisting of colleagues in Belgium and abroad, which means that good communication skills are essential.

Our technical/development environment is based on programming languages (C/C++, Java, Python…) and OSes (Linux, Android…). Our systems are heterogeneous, meaning that core applications could be written in C, while the user interface or other components could be written in Java/Android.

Good knowledge of the languages and environment, combined with strong OO and other design principles are important to be able to craft the best solution.


  • Software engineer (Master degree) with min 5 years of professional experience
  • Good communication skills
  • Good knowledge of French (and/or Dutch) and fluent in English
  • Excellent team spirit
  • Customer oriented
  • Interested in quality
  • Experience in embedded application development is a plus
  • Good knowledge of Android
  • Experience in C and java programming languages
  • Strong knowledge of architecture and design principles
  • Strong aptitude for analysis, a results-oriented worker, problem solver


  • Reliability, accountability Ability to adapt, handle diversity
  • Analytical thinking ability Integrative thinking ability
  • Ability to solve problems Ability to cooperate
  • Ability to listen/comprehend Written communication
  • Driven for results

  This position is open for freelance. Start in February.

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